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Julia teach piano

We offer music instruction in: Piano,Vocal, Guitar and Theory

Taught by highly qualified and passionate teachers with over twenty years of experience. All classes are taught on a one on one basis. For those who prefer to study the Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire and prepare for their exams, can freely apply for their exams either after a half of year or a full year of classes.

However, if you prefer to study on a more relaxed basis, and study an instrument for fun, we offer classes where a student can explore a variety of musical genres; playing their favorite songs.Victoria and her students

By performing in recitals, concerts as well as taking part in festivals, students build confidence while performing music on stage. This also gives them the opportunity to see the level of competition they are up against and improve their own level of performance.

Amongst our students, many win competitions and festivals all over Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Toronto.

They also receive the highest grades on their Royal Conservatory of Music Exams all over Ontario, achieving SILVER MEDALS for their outstanding results!

The grade average amongst our students is between 85% – 95%.

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