Christopher Norton in Milton

SDC10293On May 6, 2009, the Milton Music Teachers Association held a workshop at Hugh Foster hall with the most recognized American jazz composer and teacher – Christopher Norton. Teachers as well as students who are interested in Christopher Norton”s compositions were invited to this memorable event.His compositions have been known and praised for many years and are included in the piano Royal Conservatory of Music repertoire. These pieces greatly contribute to the diversity of the RCM repertoire chosen for each grade of classical piano. During the workshop, Christopher Norton introduced his new edition “American Popular Piano”, that includes: “Repertoire albums”, “Etudes Albums”, “Skills online casino books”, “Instrumental Backings CDs”. During the workshop Christopher Norton engaged the audience with his sense of humor, intelligence as well as his unique methods of teaching, therefor inspiring children and adults to continue with their musical goals.Both students and teachers enjoyed interacting with the composer and hearing him performing his new compositions. Children particularly enjoyed his master class in which they parti cipated. They were lucky enough to perform along with outstanding composer.


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